Event regulations

Event regulations

Pichmännel Oktoberfest 2023

Ticket purchase / Bookings

When reservations are made, we try to accommodate the seating requests of our guests. However, we cannot give a guarantee for specific tables.

The number of persons specified by you when booking the stage mezzanine tables and Pichmännel box tables is binding. Reductions in the number of persons on the day of the event cannot be considered (see GTC). Tickets already purchased will not be refunded.

Please note that with the conclusion of the contract (completed and confirmed order), the consent to the official requirements for general health protection applicable on the day of the event (e.g., Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance, hygiene guidelines, vaccination, or convalescent status) is accepted. Violation of these official requirements may be punished by expulsion from the event site without refund of the ticket price.

Should it not be possible to operate the festival tent as a whole or on the day of the reservation due to official orders, safety considerations, force majeure or other important reasons, there shall be no claims for reimbursement against the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to transfer the validity of the tickets analogously to the next event.

Terms of payment

All food and beverages are due for payment immediately to the service staff. The invoice amount is to be paid in cash only. Card payments are possible from €10 invoice amount at all cash points of sale. Any objections to the contents of the invoice must be raised directly with the service staff or the management before payment. Later complaints can no longer be considered.

Prohibited objects

It is prohibited to carry the following items:

- Weapons or other objects that can cause injury to persons

- Spray cans, corrosive, flammable or colouring substances

- Bottles, cans, jugs, and vessels of all kinds that can serve as projectiles

- Pyrotechnic objects of all kinds

- Photographic cameras/apparatuses, video cameras or other sound or image recording devices for the purpose of commercial use (unless the organiser has given its consent to this effect)

- Laser pointer

- Food and drinks of all kinds

- Bags / Backpacks larger than DIN A4

- Drugs according to the Narcotics Act

- Animals (unless they are companion animals - e.g., guide dogs).

- Racist, xenophobic, and radical propaganda material and corresponding clothing

- Banners, printed matter, newspapers and magazines, brochures, and similar advertising material fordistribution and for commercial and political purposes, as long as these are not expressly approved by the organiser.

The security service is entitled to confiscate the aforementioned items without any obligation to return them. Failure to comply with this prohibition will result in expulsion from the event site without the visitor being able to claim a refund of the admission price.

Incoming inspection

The control and order service is entitled to examine persons - also by using technical aids - to see whether they pose a security risk due to alcohol and drug consumption or because they are carrying weapons or dangerous or inflammable objects. The examination also extends to objects carried (bags, jackets, backpacks, etc.).

In all other respects, the provisions of the Youth Protection Act apply.

Due to the noise level, the event is not recommended for children without hearing protection.

Persons who pose a safety risk or do not wish to undergo the examination are not allowed to enter the festival tent.

The counterfeiting and production of tickets of the organiser as well as the (commercial) sale of tickets will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.

Photographs, video recordings and their use under licensing law

By entering the event site, the visitor agrees that the organiser may take photographs of the visitor showing him/her as a participant in the event for information, documentation, and advertising purposes, reproduce them and publish them in print and audiovisual media. This consent is granted without remuneration and is unlimited in time and space.


The closing time in the entire festival tent is 11.30 p.m. at the latest (exceptions see special notices). The end of the event is 30 minutes after the closing time at the latest and requires the immediate departure from the event area.

The consumption of food and drinks brought along is prohibited. When leaving the tent, re-admission is only possible in exceptional cases and after consultation with the security and admission staff. Tickets must be kept until the end of the event. Tickets must be presented at any time upon request by the organiser. The tickets are only valid for the respective issued event day or the previously published postponed date due to the Corona Pandemic and the respective event time and are not transferable to other days. All postponed dates can be found as an overview on the event website: www.pichmaennel-oktoberfest.de

There will be no replacement in case of loss or damage of tickets and/or tokens. Purchased meal vouchers are only valid for the duration of the Pichmännel Oktoberfest. They are exclusively redeemable for all dishes and drinks on the menu valid on the day of the event and are non-transferable. We reserve the right to deviate from our range of food and drink, especially in the case of seasonal products. These products will be replaced by us in an equivalent manner.

A refund of unredeemed consumption vouchers is not possible. It is not possible to have amounts credited for future events or to have credit notes or vouchers issued for unused amounts. No payment of remaining amounts will be made. Consumption vouchers and beer tokens are not transferable to the purchase of souvenirs.

Every visitor to the event must behave in such a way that no one else is harassed, harmed, or endangered. Racist, radical, political, anti-Semitic, homophobic, xenophobic, and personality-injuring statements and slogans are to be refrained from.

All activities, games, fairground rides and stalls offered on the event grounds are to be used at the visitor's own risk.

Smoking is not permitted in the entire festival tent! Please use the designated areas.

Furthermore, the following behaviours are prohibited:

-Climbing and climbing over barriers, fences, facades, poles,

-Lighting systems, scaffolding, trees, tents, vehicles, sales stands and roofs of all kinds

-Climbing on benches and tables

-The throwing of objects

-The soiling of the festival hall, the event area and the defecation outside the toilets provided for this purpose.

-The lighting of fires and the burning of pyrotechnic objects.

-The painting, labelling, and pasting of buildings, facilities, and paths.

-Entering areas that are not open to visitors

-Use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations

-Smoking, electronic cigarettes / vaporisers in the festival tent

-It is not permitted to carry beer mugs, glass bottles or returnable bottles to the outside.

Violators will be banned from the premises and purchased tickets will lose their validity.

Domestic law and supervision

The representatives and agents of the organiser have the domiciliary rights. The police, the public order authorities and the public order service are authorised to enforce the domiciliary rights. The event grounds and indoor areas are under video surveillance.


Visitors are responsible for the items they bring with them and for their wardrobe. The organiser accepts no liability for their safety or integrity.

The organiser expressly points out that there is a risk of hearing and health damage in the festival tent due to increased volume. The organiser is not liable for such damage.


Persons who violate the event regulations may be expelled from the event and banned from entering.

The same applies to persons who are recognisably under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If there is a suspicion that visitors have committed a criminal offence, charges will be filed.

Final provisions

By entering and remaining on the event site and in the festival hall, the visitor agrees to the validity of these General Terms and Conditions.

Should individual provisions of these event regulations be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining components shall not be affected. The contractual relationship shall be governed by German law. Dresden is agreed as the place of jurisdiction.

Supplementary or deviating agreements require the written confirmation of Feldschlößchen Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH.

We now wish all visitors lots of fun at the Pichmännel Oktoberfest.

We are always open and grateful for constructive criticism, suggestions, and praise.

Your Pichmännel Oktoberfest Team